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Strategy and ambition

Short Story About Central Health Solutions Ltd since 2017

Central Health Solutions Ltd was formed in 2017. The idea of a provider company across a significant geography was discussed at the West Midlands Community Pharmacy forum around 2014-2015. After much planning a loan was made from 12 local Community Pharmacy England Committees to set up Central Health.


The loans were repaid in full in 2019. The company is at arms length from Community Pharmacy England and its local representative committees . The directors are committed to delivering value for commissioners, community pharmacy contractors, and for the general public. Equally with the challenging nature of the contractual framework for community pharmacies we recognise the need to develop and support sustainable services

We will work with Local Community Pharmacy England teams , and commissioners to identify services and get them commissioned to benefit the local population , and to provide a return on investment for community pharmacy teams


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Medical Services

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About us

Female Assistance

Public health support

We are able to offer advice and support to Public Health Teams and deliver services through the Community Pharmacy Network.

The contractual framework for Community Pharmacy now in place means that virtually all community pharmacies will be Healthy Living Pharmacies by November 2017. 

In effect, mini Health and Well Being Hubs are at the heart of the community.

Strong leadership, and Health Champions in each pharmacy.

Teams that are Dementia Friends, and trained to at least level 2 in Safeguarding.

Community Pharmacy services

Existing services are delivered from the Community Pharmacy Network in our geography.

Sexual Health Services:-

  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception

  • Chlamydia Screening and Testing

  • General Contraception Services

  • Condom Distribution

  • Substance Misuse and Harm ReductionServices:-

  • Supervision services for Methadone and Subutex

  • Naloxone at-home service

  • Harm reduction services:-

  • HIV screening

  • Needle Exchange Services

  • Smoking Cessation Services

  • Hepatitis B screening and Vaccination

  • Alcohol Brief Interventions Service

  • Well-Being Services:-

  • Minor Ailments Services (Pharmacy First)

  • Minor Eye Conditions Services (with Optometrists)

  • Phlebotomy

  • NHS Healthchecks

  • Weight Management

  • Additional Care Services:-

  • Palliative Care

  • Care Homes Service

  • Assisted living services ( e.g. Pivotell)

  • Healthy Living Pharmacy Continence Service

  • Vulnerable patients Medicines Use Reviews at Home

  • Medical information talks to Patient Groups

Buying Medication
Interior of Pharmacy


The twelve Local Pharmaceutical Committees supporting our company:-

  • Birmingham

  • Coventry

  • Dudley

  • Hereford

  • North Staffordshire

  • Sandwell

  • Shropshire

  • Solihull 

  • South Staffordshire 

  • Walsall

  • Warwickshire

  • Wolverhampton

  • Worcestershire

Membership services

 We opened our membership offering in September 2017 and we now have approaching 100 members covering nearly 250 community pharmacy sites. Our members comprise of single pharmacy operators through to the national chains of pharmacies.


We seek to make all our services Sustainable. Value for money for commissioners, a return on investment for suppliers and a great patient service with positive  outcomes

Lab Experiments

Meet the Visionary Directors of Central Health Solutions (CHS) Limited.

At Central Health Solutions (CHS) Limited, we're powered by a team of visionary leaders who are reshaping the future of healthcare. Let us introduce you to the trailblazers driving our mission:

Brochure image.jpeg
Simon Hay
  • LinkedIn
Operations Director
Simon Hay brings a wealth of operational expertise to CHS, derived from his diverse background in the pharmacy industry.
Together, Michelle, Bruce, Len, and Simon form a dynamic leadership team, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to propel CHS's growth and impact. Their combined experience in areas such as public health, clinical project management, finance, and operations equips CHS to provide comprehensive solutions and deliver exceptional healthcare services.

Central Health Solutions (CHS) Limited takes immense pride in having these accomplished directors at the helm, leading our mission to maximise the impact of public investment in services through our extensive network of community pharmacies. By harnessing their visionary leadership and expertise, CHS is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery and pave the way for a healthier future for all.

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